Welcome new members to the new Theoben Rapid Forum. For some time now a group of Theoben owners who have been on many a forum in the past decided it was time to set up our own forum with many a unique feature seen on a forum for the first time.

You will see in time as the forum grows how much it will change and become very user friendly and be dedicated towards it's members needs. You will notice how the admin and mods have been hand picked to help set up and maintain the forum.

These members have stood the test of time with all things Theoben related and most of you will have met them in the past or will meet them in the future if you own a Theoben. We aim to listen to all our members and help develop the forum with your needs in mind. We hope you enjoy your stay with us here and help the forum grow.

For now be safe/be aware, be smart/stick to the law when shooting at all times and help protect our hobby/sport.

Regards KCE.

Welcome To The Theoben Rapid Forum


ADMIN TEAM , - Ca_Varminter , rgc_swanseaARC , KCE , Daztilley , KevG

Tinyportal support - (C) - Lurk also Coder

Technical Coding Administrator - Kernal

Mod Team - Ant`s

Quick fill and some other...Asking for some bits and ...
  • Dr Bob
  • Vendetta
  • lathe
    Vendetta Block
  • Vendetta Project

    The whole Dr Bob Vendetta project started in the summer of 2016 with the famed Dr. deciding that he would add a block that was a like for like ..
  • drbob
  • Lathe
  • Lathe Work
  • lathe
    Lathe work taken
  • Our Lathe Work

    All Theoben lathe work undertaken on Theoben Rapid Forum.
  • kevG's Services

Improve your Theoben with our in-house craftsmen.

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